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About Us

06/26/2023 6:06 AM

Khichdi SEO Tools is a platform provided by SKRPH Limited that offers a wide range of free SEO tools to help website owners, digital marketers, and SEO professionals optimize their websites for search engines. Let's discuss in detail the various tools offered by Khichdi SEO Tools.

  1. Article Rewriter: This tool allows you to rewrite articles by replacing words with their synonyms, helping you create unique content.

  2. Plagiarism Checker: With this tool, you can check if your content is original or if it has been copied from elsewhere on the internet.

  3. Backlink Maker: It helps you generate high-quality backlinks by providing a list of websites where you can submit your URL.

  4. Meta Tag Generator: This tool assists in generating meta tags (title, description, keywords) for your web pages, which are crucial for search engine optimization.

  5. Meta Tags Analyzer: It analyzes the meta tags of a webpage and provides a report on their length, relevance, and usage.

  6. Keyword Position Checker: This tool allows you to check the position of your website or specific keywords in search engine results pages (SERPs).

  7. Robots.txt Generator: It helps you create a robots.txt file, which instructs search engine crawlers on how to access and index your website.

  8. XML Sitemap Generator: This tool generates an XML sitemap for your website, helping search engines understand its structure and content.

  9. Backlink Checker: It allows you to analyze the backlinks pointing to your website and provides information about their quality and source.

  10. Keyword CPC Calculator: This tool helps you estimate the cost per click (CPC) for specific keywords in Google AdWords.

  11. Word Counter: It counts the number of words in a text or article, which can be useful for content creation and optimization.

  12. Online Ping Website Tool: This tool pings a website to notify search engines about new or updated content, helping in faster indexing.

  13. Link Analyzer: It analyzes the links on a webpage and provides information about their attributes, such as anchor text and rel attributes.

  14. Google Pagespeed Insights Checker: This tool measures the speed and performance of your website according to Google's PageSpeed Insights guidelines.

  15. My IP Address: It displays the IP address of your computer or network, which can be useful for troubleshooting or configuring network settings.

  16. Keyword Density Checker: This tool calculates the density of keywords on a webpage, helping you optimize your content for better SEO.

  17. Google Malware Checker: It checks if your website has been flagged as malicious or contains malware according to Google's Safe Browsing database.

  18. Domain Age Checker: This tool provides the age of a domain, which can be useful for evaluating the credibility and trustworthiness of a website.

  19. Whois Checker: It retrieves and displays the registration details and ownership information of a domain name.

  20. Domain into IP: This tool converts a domain name into its corresponding IP address.

  21. URL Rewriting Tool: It helps you rewrite URLs to make them more user-friendly and search engine-friendly.

  22. www Redirect Checker: It checks if your website redirects from the non-www version to the www version or vice versa, helping you maintain consistent URLs.

  23. Mozrank Checker: This tool provides the MozRank score of a website, which is a measure of its popularity and authority.

  24. URL Encoder / Decoder: It encodes or decodes URLs to ensure that special characters are properly represented.

  25. Bulk GEO IP Locator (Free Addon): This addon allows you to locate the geographic location of multiple IP addresses in bulk.

  26. Color Picker Tool (Free Addon): It helps you pick colors from an image or webpage by providing the hexadecimal code.

  27. Privacy Policy Generator (Free Addon): This addon assists in generating a privacy policy page for your website, which is essential for legal compliance.

  28. Terms & Conditions Generator (Free Addon): It helps you create terms and conditions for your website, ensuring clear guidelines for users.

  29. QR Code Decoder (Free Addon): This addon decodes QR codes, allowing you to extract the information embedded within them.

  30. Image Placeholder Generator (Free Addon): It generates placeholder images of custom sizes, which can be useful during website development.

  31. Server Status Checker: This tool checks the status of a website's server, ensuring that it is accessible and functioning properly.

  32. Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator: It simulates the display of a webpage in different screen resolutions, helping you optimize its design and layout.

  33. Page Size Checker: This tool calculates the size of a webpage in kilobytes (KB) or megabytes (MB), providing insights into its loading speed.

  34. Open All URLs: It opens multiple URLs simultaneously, allowing you to check the content or perform actions on multiple web pages.

  35. Blacklist Lookup: It checks if a domain or IP address is blacklisted by popular spam filters or security services.

  36. Suspicious Domain Checker: This tool helps you identify suspicious or potentially malicious domains.

  37. Link Price Calculator: It estimates the approximate price you should charge or pay for a specific link on a website based on various factors.

  38. Website Screenshot Generator: This tool captures screenshots of webpages, which can be useful for documentation or visual references.

  39. Domain Hosting Checker: It determines the hosting provider of a domain, providing insights into its server infrastructure.

  40. Get Source Code of Webpage: This tool retrieves and displays the HTML source code of a webpage.

  41. Google Index Checker: It checks if a webpage or website is indexed by Google, ensuring its visibility in search results.

  42. Website Links Count Checker: This tool counts the number of internal and external links on a webpage, providing insights into its linking structure.

  43. Class C IP Checker: It checks if multiple websites share the same Class C IP address, which can indicate a potential link network.

  44. Online MD5 Generator: This tool calculates the MD5 hash value of a string or file, often used for data integrity verification.

  45. Page Speed Checker: It measures the loading speed of a webpage and provides performance optimization suggestions.

  46. Code to Text Ratio Checker: This tool calculates the ratio of text content to HTML code on a webpage, helping you optimize for better SEO.

  47. Find DNS Records: It retrieves and displays the DNS records of a domain, including A, CNAME, MX, and TXT records.

  48. What is my Browser: It identifies and displays information about the web browser used to access the tool.

  49. Email Privacy: This tool analyzes a webpage and checks for any exposed email addresses, helping protect against spam.

  50. Google Cache Checker: It checks if a webpage is cached by Google, allowing you to verify the most recent version available in search results.

  51. Broken Links Finder: This tool scans a website and identifies any broken or dead links, ensuring a better user experience.

  52. Search Engine Spider Simulator: It simulates the behavior of search engine spiders or crawlers, providing insights into how your website is indexed.

  53. Keywords Suggestion Tool: This tool provides keyword suggestions based on a given topic or seed keyword, helping you expand your keyword list.

  54. Domain Authority Checker: It checks the domain authority of a website, which is a metric developed by Moz to measure its credibility and influence.

  55. Page Authority Checker: This tool checks the page authority of a specific webpage, providing insights into its potential ranking ability.


These free SEO tools provided by Khichdi SEO Tools can be valuable for optimizing your website's SEO, creating quality content, analyzing backlinks, monitoring performance, and conducting various SEO-related tasks. However, it's always important to cross-reference and validate the results from multiple sources to ensure accuracy and make informed decisions for your SEO strategies.